Learning, Incentives, and Optimization
for Networked Systems

    October 2020: Carlee and Madhu are co-organizing BlockNet, an ACM MobiHoc workshop on using blockchains in network resource sharing. Please consider (virtually) attending!
    July 2020: Eve Hu officially joins the group. Eve has been a Ph.D. student at CMU ECE since 2019 and is co-advised by Professor Bob Iannucci.
    July 2020: An extended version of our IEEE INFOCOM 2019 paper on burstable instances is accepted to the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. Congratulations, Yuxuan!
    July 2020: Five papers from our group appear at IEEE INFOCOM 2020, on machine learning, mobile caching, and edge computing. Congratulations, Xiaoxi and Ethan!
    May 2020: Our work with Maria Gorlatova's group on CollabAR has received the Best Research Artifact Award at ACM IPSN 2020!
    March 2020: Madhu Harishankar officially joins the group. Madhu has been a Ph.D. student at CMU ECE since 2016 and has worked extensively with us over the last four years. She is co-advised by Professor Patrick Tague.
    February 2020: Our work on multi-player bandits with pre-observations appears at AAAI 2020. Congratulations, Jinhang and Xiaoxi!
    January 2020: We have a new seed grant from CMU's CyLab IoT Initiative on privacy tradeoffs in distributed machine learning.
    January 2020: U.S. Patent #10536584 “System and Methods for Time Deferred Transmission of Mobile Data” has been granted.
    December 2019: Carlee is the chair of the newly formed ACM SIGMETRICS Committee on Student Engagement, which will advise the SIG on best practices for engaging students in the performance evaluation community.
    October 2019: Our work on learning optimal network protocol selections, a collaboration with CU Boulder's Internet Systems Lab and Professor Maria Gorlatova from Duke University, appears at IEEE ICNP 2019. Congratulations, Xiaoxi!
    October 2019: Carlee gives an invited talk at the HDR-NETS workshop on machine learning in networking, co-located with ICNP.
    October 2019: We have a new grant from the NSF on distributed learning algorithms for augmented reality applications, in collaboration with Professor Maria Gorlatova at Duke University.
    August 2019: Yuhang Yao and I-Cheng Lin join the group after graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and National Taiwan University, respectively. I-Cheng is co-advised with Professor Osman Yagan in CMU ECE.
    August 2019: Carlee is a guest editor of the IEEE JSAC Special Issue on Smart Data Pricing for Next-Generation Networks. Please consider submitting your work!
    August 2019: Carlee is Co-Chair of the NSF NeTS Early Career Investigators Workshop 2019. If you are a networking (broadly defined) researcher who plans to receive your Ph.D. in the next year or received your Ph.D. in the last 5 years, please consider attending!
    June 2019: Our work on learning optimal network protocol selections appears in the ACM/IEEE ISCA Workshop on Machine Learning for Systems, at ACM FCRC 2019. Congratulations, Xiaoxi!
    June 2019: Two papers, on auctions for real-time network slicing and time-dependent data pricing, appear in the IEEE JSAC Special Issue on Multimedia Economics for Future Networks. Congratulations, Madhu!
    June 2019: Carlee is invited to give a talk at the 15th Cloud Control Workshop.
    June 2019: Our collaboration with CU Boulder's Internet Systems Lab on distributed scheduling in cellular networks appears at ACM MobiSys 2019. Congratulations, Xiaoxi!
    May 2019: We have a new gift from Nokia to support our work on using machine learning to find optimal network policies.
    April 2019: Carlee is a TPC Co-Chair of ECOFEC, the 1st Workshop on the Economics of Fog, Edge, and Cloud Computing, co-located with IEEE INFOCOM 2019.
    April 2019: The lab presents two papers in IEEE INFOCOM 2019, including Yuxuan's work on burstable cloud instances. CMU features this work in a news story. Congratulations, Yuxuan!
    January 2019: Carlee receives the ARO Young Investigator Award for our work on resource allocation in heterogeneous computing networks.
    January 2019: Ethan receives a 2019 Barakat Fellowship from the CMU ECE department.
    December 2018: Our position paper on real-time network slicing appears at the TREC4CPS workshop, co-located with IEEE RTSS 2018.
    October 2018: Xiaoxi is invited to attend the Asian Deans' Forum Rising Stars Women in Engineering Workshop.
    September 2018: Carlee is included on N2Women's 2018 List of Rising Stars in Computer Networking and Communications.
    September 2018: Carlee presents Xiaoxi’s work on online learning for network protocols at the 39th IEEE Sarnoff Symposium.
    August 2018: TJ Kim joins the group after graduating from the Olin College of Engineering.
    July 2018: Our paper on assessing adaptive online courses appears in Educational Data Mining 2018.
    June 2018: Carlee serves on the IEEE LANMAN Panel on Networking the Intelligent Edge.
    June 2018: Jinhang and Ethan present abstracts in the ACM SIGMETRICS work-in-progress session.
    May 2018: Carlee receives the NSF CAREER award for our work on the economics of the Internet-of-Things. CMU ECE featured this work in a news story.
    May 2018: Our paper on sponsored data appears in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.
    May 2018: Carlee is a member of the organizing committee for the Smart Data Pricing Forum at the University of Minnesota.
    April 2018: The lab presents 5 papers in IEEE INFOCOM. Xiaoxi presents an additional paper authored with her Ph.D. advisor prior to joining the group.
    January 2018: U.S. Patent #9794155 “Systems and Methods for Coordinating Client-Side Inference of Mobile Network Loading and Capacity” has been granted.
    January 2018: Ethan Ruan joins the group after graduating from UC Berkeley.