CALCM Students

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Name Advisor Program Target Area of Interest
Abhilasha Jain Gibbons PhD 2023 Computer Architecture, Memory Systems
Ahmet Fatih Inci MarculescuD PhD 2022 Systems for ML, Hardware-Aware Machine Learning, Computer Architecture
Alison Hofgmann Ghose BS/MS 2022 Processing in Memory, Microarchitecture
Anirudh Krishna Villivalam Nace MS 2021 Computer Architecture, Neuromorphic Computing, GPUs
Brad Denby Lucia PhD 2023 Computational space systems
Brian Schwedock Beckmann PhD 2023 Computer Architecture, Computer Systems, Caching
Chengyue Wang Hoe PhD 2026 Computer Architecture, HLS, FPGA
Chrisma Pakha Goldstein PhD 2023 Compiler, Parallel Programming, User level Interrupt
Elliot Lockerman Beckmann PhD 2022 Caching
Elliott Binder Low PhD 2022 high performance computing, performance modeling, accelerators
Emily Ruppel Lucia PhD 2022 Intermittent Computing,
Eric Tang Franchetti PhD 2025 FPGA, Computer Architecture, Memory Systems
Graham Gobieski Lucia/Beckmann PhD 2022 Ultra-low-power architecture
Guanglin Xu Hoe/Franchetti PhD 2021 Automatic hardware generation, High-level Synthesis, Reconfigurable Computing
Harideep Nair Shen PhD 2023 Neuromorphic Computing
Harsh Desai Lucia PhD 2023 Intermittent Computing, Ultra-Low Power Sensor Networks, Computer Architecture
Hugo Sadok Sherry PhD 2025 Computer Networks, FPGA
James Nguyen Franchetti BS/MS 2022 Computer Architecture, SPIRAL
Kaiyang Zhao Skarlatos PhD 2026 Operating Systems, Computer Architecture
Keshav Harisrikanth Mai PhD 2025 Computer Architecture, Neuromorphic Computing, VLSI
Larry Tang Mai/Franchetti PhD 2025 VLSI, Algorithms, Digital Signal Processing
Mark Blanco Low PhD 2022 HPC, Graph Processing, Analytical Performance Modeling
McKenzie van der Hagen Lucia PhD 2024 Computer Architecture, Encrypted Computing
Mihailo Rancic Sriraman/Jia PhD 2026 Computer Architecture, Accelerators, Datacenters
Milijana Surbatovich Jia/Lucia PhD 2022 Intermittent Computing, Programming Languages, Formal Methods
Minh Truong Ghose/Carley PhD 2024 Processing in Memory
Mohammad Bakhshalipour Gibbons PhD 2024 Robotics, Memory Systems, Computer Architecture
Naifeng Zhang Franchetti PhD 2026 Performance Modeling, Programming Languages, Algorithms, SPIRAL
Naomi Spargo Jia BS 2023 Formal methods, programming languages
Nathan Serafin Beckmann/Lucia PhD 2024 Computer Architecture, Accelerators, Systems Software, VLSI
Nicholai Tukanov Low PhD 2025 HPC, Performance Modeling, Algorithms
Nikhil Agarwal Beckmann PhD 2026 Computer Architecture, Computer Systems
Nirav Atre Sherry PhD 2024 Computer Networks, Performance Modeling, Computer Architecture
Sanil Rao Franchetti PhD 2024 HPC, Computer Architecture, Graph Processing, Code generation, SPIRAL
Sara McAllister Beckmann/Ganger PhD 2024 Caching, Emerging Memory and Storage Technology
Shashank Obla Hoe PhD 2024 PR, Reconfigurable Computing, Computer Architecture
Shreyas Chaudhari Moura/Shen PhD 2024 Deep Learning, Neuromorphic Computing
Siddharth Sahay Hoe PhD 2025 Computer Architecture, Programming Languages
Siyuan Chen Mai PhD 2025 VLSI, Deep Learning, Robotics
Souradip Ghosh Beckmann/Lucia PhD 2026 Compilers, Computer Architecture, Reconfigurable Computing
Upasana Sridhar Low PhD 2024 Performance Modeling, Formal Methods, Algorithms, Graph Processing
Valerie Choung Sherry BS 2021 Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Systems Security
Xingran Du Lucia BS/MS 2022 Performance Modeling, Approximate Computing, Computer Architecture
Yang Li Moura PhD 2021 Deep Learning, Computer Architecture
Yang Yue Hoe BS/MS 2021 Computer Architecture, Accelerators, FPGA
Yuttapichai Kerdcharoen Low PhD 2025 Database Systems, Algorithms, Graph Processing
Zhengyu Qiu - BS 2022 Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Operating Systems, AI
Ziqi Wang Mowry PhD 2022 Microarchitecture, Transaction Processing, Memory Systems
Ziyi Zuo - BS/MS 2022