CALCM Seminars: the Spring 2023 Reboot Series

This is a special series to be delivered by CALCM faculty members on what they think is the most important research directions in the coming 10 years. The standard format is 30 minutes uninterrupted talk followed by 30 minutes Q&A.

The seminars are scheduled weekly on Thursdays 4:30 to 5:30pm (pizza starts at 4:20). The talk can be attended in person in 6142 Scott Hall or by Zoom (CMU authentication required).

CALCM will continue to host computer architecture talks by visitors and students during the special series, as the occasion arises. We will return to the normal series after spring 2023.

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Seminar Line Up

Date Speaker Topic Notes
2/23 James C. Hoe Future of Programmable Logic in Heterogeneous and Data-Centric Computing
3/23 John P. Shen Neuromorphic Intelligent Sensory Processing Chiplets Pizza starts at 4:30;
talk runs 5~6pm;
this week only
3/30 Ken Mai Circuits? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Circuits!
4/6 Brandon Lucia Creativity Under Constraint: the Computer Architecture of Physically-Constrained Systems & Applications
4/13 Akshitha Sriraman Lifting the Systems Ostrich's Head from the Sand: Introducing Ethical Systems
4/20 Tze Meng Low Talking in Circles about HW-SW co-design
4/27 Franz Franchetti Spiral at 25: AI for Performance Engineering
5/4 Justine Sherry Re-envisioning Generic Server Architectures for I/O-Driven Compute 4~5pm this week
5/18 Dimitrios Skarlatos The One Abstraction to Outlast Them All 4~5pm this week
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