Carnegie Mellon University

Micro and Nano Systems Laboratory

College of Engineering


Our research activities target understanding the fundamental science of micro and nanomechanical structures to control material properties, engineer device design and fabrication, and devise new classes of micro and nanoelectromechanical systems (M/NEMS) that directly interface with electronic circuits. This is done with the overall mission to significantly advance state-of-the-art communication, computing, and sensing systems.  These research activities will have a transformative impact on the electronic industry and change our interactions with people and the environment. Our long-term goal is to engineer large-scale integration (LSI) of M/NEMS. LSI of mechanical components provides a paradigm shift in the use of M/NEMS as it enables new functionalities such as efficient programmability in radios, low-power consumption in computing systems, and pervasive monitoring in sensing systems for the environment.  In the research section, we report a few examples of our work on integrated piezoelectric microsystems that leverage our fundamental advancements in chip-scale piezoelectric acoustic resonators and acousto-optic devices.