Learning, Incentives, and Optimization
for Networked Systems

We are a research group in Carnegie Mellon University’s Electrical and Computing Engineering department, formerly located at CMU's Silicon Valley campus but now based in Pittsburgh. Our research mission is to understand and optimize user interactions in networked systems, where multiple users with different objectives can cooperate and/or compete with each other. To accomplish this, we use tools from machine learning, economics, and optimization. Some of our favorite applications are in data networks, edge/mobile/fog/cloud computing systems, and networks of vehicles.

Dr. Carlee Joe-Wong is the group’s PI. She can be reached by email at cjoewong [at] andrew [dot] cmu [dot] edu. Contact information for other group members is available at People.

Our work is/was generously funded by the US Army Research Office; CMU's AI Enabled Additive Manufacturing Program, Cylab Security and Privacy Institute, Mobility21 and Safety21 National University Transportation Centers, and Scott Institute for Energy Innovation; Cisco; DARPA; Microsoft; the National Science Foundation; Nokia; Northrop Grumman; and the Office of Naval Research. All opinions expressed on this webpage are our own.

The lion image above was created by Arturo Alejandro Romo Escartin from the Noun Project Despite the group name, none of our former or current projects involve lions, though we are exploring a collaboration with lemur researchers.