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Maly, PhD

Wojciech Maly, PhD

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Research Areas:

Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging

Representative Publications

• Maly, W.; Lin, Yi-Wei; Marek-Sadowska, M., "OPC-Free and Minimally Irregular IC Design Style," Design Automation Conference, 2007. DAC '07. 44th ACM/IEEE , vol., no., pp.954-957, 4-8 June 2007.

•Nelson, J.E.; Zanon, T.; Desineni, R.; Brown, J.G.; Patil, N.; Maly, W.; Blanton, R.D., "Extraction of Defect Density and Size Distributions from Wafer Sort Test Results," Design, Automation and Test in Europe, 2006. DATE '06. Proceedings , vol.1, no., pp. 1-6, 6-10 March 2006.

•Nelson, J.E.; Zanon, T.; Brown, J.G.; Poku, O.; Blanton, R.D.; Maly, W.; Benware, B.; Schuermyer, C., "Extracting Defect Density and Size Distributions from Product ICs," Design & Test of Computers, IEEE , vol.23, no.5, pp. 390-400, May 2006

• Vogels, T.; Zanon, T.; Desineni, R.; Blanton, R.D.; Maly, W.; Brown, J.G.; Nelson, J.E.; Fei, Y.; Huang, X.; Gopalakrishnan, P.; Mishra, M.; Rovner, V.; Tiwary, S., "Benchmarking diagnosis algorithms with a diverse set of IC deformations," Test Conference, 2004. Proceedings. ITC 2004. International, vol., no., pp. 508-517, 26-28 Oct. 2004.

•Deng, Y.; Maly, W., "2.5D system integration: a design driven system implementation schema," Design Automation Conference, 2004. Proceedings of the ASP-DAC 2004. Asia and South Pacific , vol., no., pp. 450-455, 27-30 Jan. 2004.