CSSI Students

Name (by order advior's last name) Research Topic Research Area Advisor
Sounil  Biswas  Statistical Learning in Test Manufacturing Blanton
Jason  Brown  Design for Test Manufacturing Blanton
Yen-Tzu Lin Physically-Aware Test Manufacturing Blanton
Osei  Poku  Test in Yield Learning Manufacturing Blanton
Xiaochun Yu Ultra Quality Test Manufacturing Blanton
Jeffrey Nelson  Process Parameter Extraction from Test Manufacturing Blanton/Maly
Wing Chiu Tam Layout Analysis for Yield and Quality Manufacturing Blanton/Maly
Erkan Alpman A/D Design in Sub-100nm CMOS Circuits, Emerging Carley
Stephen Freeman 100 GHz Integrated Radar Systems Circuits, Emerging Carley
Wei Tai RF Power Amplifiers Design Circuits, Emerging Carley
Zhenning Wang A/D Design in Sub-100nm CMOS Circuits, Emerging Carley
Sarah Bedair Sub-Nanogram Dosing of Microcantilevers for Gravimetric Sensing Emerging Fedder
Peter Gilgunn Large-Angle Micromirror Arrays Emerging Fedder
Nathan Lazarus Stabilization techniques for Gas Chemical Sensing Microsystem Circuits, Emerging Fedder
Chiung-Cheng Lo MEMS Mixer-Filters for RF Front Ends Emerging Fedder
Amy Wung CMOS Microaccelerometer Systems Emerging Fedder
Jingwei Liu Nanomanipulation Probes for RF Circuit Reconfiguration Emerging Fedder
John Reinke RF MEMS Tunable Capacitors and Related Circuits Emerging Fedder/Mukherjee
Yu-Jen (Dylan) Fang CMOS Microinertial Systems Circuits, Emerging Fedder/Mukherjee
Berkin Akin Algorithms, High-Level Synthesis Systems Hoe/Franchetti
Marie Nguyen Hardware/FPGA Accelerators Systems Hoe
Michael Papamichael Networks on Chip Systems Hoe
Yu Wang Hardware/FPGA Accelerators Systems Hoe
Gabriel Weisz Reconfigurable Computing Systems Hoe
Jinyin Zhang Brain Computer Interface Emerging Li
Mudit Bhargava Variation tolerant SRAM design Circuits, Systems Mai
Kevin Biswas Graphics processor acceleration of computer vision Systems Mai
Mark McCartney Variation tolerant SRAM design Circuits, Systems Mai
Eric Menendez Circuit-level secure FPGA design Circuits, Systems Mai
Yu  Cai High-efficiency LDPC implementations for HDD read channels Circuits, Systems Li, Mai
Paul Bogdan Stochastic communication Circuits, Systems Marculescu, R. 
Chen-Ling (Jenny) Chou Run-time optimization techniques for Networks-on-Chip  Circuits, Systems Marculescu, R. 
Siddharth Garg System-Level Analysis and Mitigation of the Performance
Impact of Manufacturing Process Variations
Circuits, Systems Marculescu, D. 
Sebastian Herbert Power-and Variability-Aware Chip Multi Processor Systems Circuits, Systems Marculescu, D. 
Jung-Chun  Kao  Optimization techniques for wireless sensor networks Circuits, Systems Marculescu, R. 
Natasa  Miskov-Zivanov  Probabilistic Modeling and Optimization for Circuit Reliability Circuits, Systems Marculescu, D. 
Umit  Ogras  Modeling & Analysis of Networks-on-Chip Circuits, Systems Marculescu, R. 
Kai-Chiang Wu Reliability-Aware Circuit Optimization Circuits, Systems Marculescu, D. 
Abhishek Jajoo Reconfigurable Low Noise Amplifier Circuits, Emerging Mukherjee
Leon Wang Reconfigurable Power Amplifier Circuits, Emerging Mukherjee
Kihwa  Choi  Linearity Enhanced Receiver Technology Circuits Mukherjee/Paramesh
Sandipan Kundu High-frequency Adaptive Phased-Arrays Circuits, Emerging Paramesh
Shadi Saberi Ghouchani Millimeter-wave Frequency Synthesis Techniques Circuits, Emerging Paramesh
Cheng-Yuan Wen Reconfigurable RF Circuit Design Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging Paramesh/Pileggi
Umut Arslan Regular-Patterned Configurable SRAM Design for Nanoscale CMOS Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging Pileggi
Alyssa Bonnoit Variation-aware design of scaled CMOS Technologies Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging Pileggi
Gokce  Keskin  CAD for Statistical Element Selection Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging Pileggi
Daniel Morris Regularly Patterned Processing in Memory Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging Pileggi
Jon Proesel  Analog Circuits for Nanoscale CMOS Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging Pileggi
Brian  Taylor  Boolean satisfiability and combinatorial optimization Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging Pileggi
Bin Wan Reconfigurable RF circuits using phase-change material vias Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging Pileggi
Jian  Wang  Modeling and Analysis for Analog/Memory Circuits Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging Pileggi
Soner Yaldiz Statistical Modeling and Analysis Techniques for SRAM Circuits Manufacturing, Circuits, Emerging Pileggi
Michael Chen Nonlinear Oscillators Circuits Ricketts
Patrick Bourke  Low Power Speech Recognition in Silicon Manufacuring, Circuits, Emerging Rutenbar
Jeffrey Johnston Hardware Efficient Speech Recognition in Silicon Manufacuring, Circuits, Emerging Rutenbar
Pragati Tiwary Hierarchical Optimization and Synthesis for System-level Mixed Signal Circuits Manufacuring, Circuits, Emerging Rutenbar
Kai  Yu  Hardware Efficient Speech Recognition in Silicon Manufacuring, Circuits, Emerging Rutenbar
Tejas Jhaveri  Design for Manufacturing Manufacturing Strojwas
Brett  Meyer  Synthesis of Reliable Single-Chip Multiprocessors Systems Thomas
Adam Hartman Temperature-Based Reliability Models Systems Thomas