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Radu Marculescu, PhD

Radu Marculescu, PhD

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Representative Publications

• J.-C. Kao, R. Marculescu, 'Minimizing Eavesdropping Risk by Transmission Power Control in Multihop Wireless Networks,' IEEE Trans. on Computers, Vol.56, No.8, pp. 1009-1023, Aug. 2007.

•P. Bogdan, T. Dumitras, R. Marculescu, 'Stochastic Communication: A New Paradigm for Fault-Tolerant Networks-on-Chip,' in Hindawi VLSI Design, Special Issue on Networks-on-Chip, Feb. 2007.

•U. Y. Ogras, R. Marculescu, '/"It’s a small world after all"/: NoC Performance Optimization via Long-range Link Insertion,' in IEEE Trans. on Very Large Scale Integration Systems, Special Section on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis, Vol.14, No.7, July 2006.

• J. Hu, R. Marculescu, 'Energy- and Performance-Aware Mapping for Regular NoC Architectures,' in IEEE Trans. on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, Vol.24, No.4, April 2005.

• G. Varatkar, R. Marculescu, 'On-chip Traffic Modeling and Synthesis for MPEG-2 Video Applications,' in IEEE Trans. on Very Large Scale Integration Systems, Vol.12, No.1, Jan. 2004. (Best Paper Award)