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Fred Higgs

Fred Higgs, PhD

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Research Areas:

Manufacturing, Circuits, Systems, Emerging

Representative Publications

• P.J. Gilgunn, J. Liu, N. Sarkar and _G.K. Fedder_, “CMOS-MEMS Lateral Electrothermal Actuators,” /IEEE/ASME J. Microelectromechanical Systems,/ vol. 17 (1), (2008), pp. 103-114.

•G.K. Fedder_, R.T. Howe, T.J.K. Liu and E.P. Quévy, “Technologies for Co-fabricating MEMS and Electronics,” /Proceedings of the IEEE/, Vol. 96 (2), (2008), pp.306-322.

•B. Li, S. Santhanam, L. Schultz, M. Jeffries-EL, M. C. Iovu, G. Sauvé, J. Cooper, R. Zhang, J. C. Revelli, A. G. Kusne, J.L. Snyder, T. Kowalewski, L.E. Weiss, R.D. McCullough, _G.K. Fedder_ and D.N. Lambeth, “Inkjet Printed Chemical Sensor Array-based on Polythiophene Conductive Polymers,” /Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical/, Vol. 123 (2), (May 21, 2007), pp. 651-660.

• A. Wung, R.V. Park, K.J. Rebello and _G.K. Fedder_, “Tri-Axial High-G CMOS-MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Array,” in /Proceedings of the 21st IEEE International Conference on Microelectromechanical Systems - MEMS 2008/, Tuscon, Arizona, January 13–17, 2008, pp. 876-879.

• S.S. Bedair and _G.K. Fedder_, “Polymer Mass Loading of CMOS/MEMS Microslot Cantilever for Gravimetric Sensing”, in /Proceedings of the Sixth IEEE Conference on Sensors/, IEEE Sensors 2007. Atlanta, GA, October 28-31, 2007.