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Don Thomas

Don Thomas, PhD

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Research Areas:

Circuits, Emerging

Representative Publications

• "The Verilog Hardware Description Language," D.E. Thomas and P.R. Moorby, Springer, Five editions, some have been translated into Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

•“Modeling Shared Resource Contention Using a Hybrid Simulation/Analytical Approach,” J.M. Paul, A. Bobrek, J.E. Nelson, J.J. Pieper, and D.E. Thomas. DATE 2004.

•“Shared Resource Access Attributes for High-Level Contention Models,” A. Bobrek, J.M.Paul, and D.E. Thomas, Design Automation Conference, 2007.

• “Event-based Re-training of Statistical Contention Models for Heterogeneous Multiprocessors”, A.Bobrek, J.M.Paul, D.E.Thomas, CODES+ISSS 2007.

•“Simultaneous Synthesis of Buses, Data Mapping and Memory Allocation for MPSoC”, B.H. Meyer, D.E.Thomas, CODES+ISSS 2007.