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Shawn Blanton

Shawn Blanton, PhD

ECE Directory

Research Areas:

Manufacturing, Systems

Representative Publications

• R. D. Blanton, K. N. Dwarakanath and R. Desineni, “Fault Modeling using Fault Tuples,” IEEE Transactions on CAD, vol. 25, no. 11, pp. 2450-2464, Nov. 2006.

• S. Biswas and R. D. Blanton, “Test Compaction for Mixed-Signal Circuits Using Pass-Fail Test Data,” Design IEEE VLSI Test Symposium, May 2008.

•J. G. Brown, B. Taylor, R. D. Blanton and L. Pileggi, “Automated Testability Enhancements for Logic Brick Libraries,” Design, Test and Automation in Europe, March 2008.

• Y-T. Lin, O. Poku, N. K. Bhatti and R. D. Blanton, “Physically-Aware N-Detect Test Pattern Selection,” Design, Test and Automation in Europe, March 2008.

• R. Desineni, O. Poku and R. D. Blanton, “A Logic Diagnosis Methodology for Improved Localization and Extraction of Accurate Defect Behavior,” IEEE International Test Conference, Oct. 2006.