Computer Architecture Seminars

The CALCM seminar series is a weekly meeting of faculty and students with broad interests in Computer Architecture, and is open to all. The seminar is an excellent medium for CALCM students/faculty to present their recent research results and/or practice conference presentations, for students to polish their presentation skills and present external results from recent conferences, and for outside speakers to tell us about their work.

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When / Where?

Seminar will be by Zoom (posted individually below) this semester. Time will be more flexible (aiming for typically 4:30~5:30 M~Th, or noon'ish on Fridays).

If you are interested in giving a CALCM talk or have general questions, please contact the seminar czar.

Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule

Date Title Speaker Location & Time Note
10/26 M A Service-Oriented Memory Architecture for FPGA Computing Joe Melber, CMU Zoom, 1:30~2:30 18-643 guest lecture
11/6 F Towards General Purpose Specialization Tony Nowatzki, UCLA Zoom, 11:30~12:30 followed by Open Q&A 12:30~1:30
11/16 M Achieving 100Gbps Intrusion Prevention on a Single Server Zhipeng Zhao, CMU Zoom, 1:30~2:30 18-643 guest lecture
11/18 W FPGA-Accelerated Deep Neural Network Inference in the Data Center with Microsoft's Project Brainwave Gabe Weisz, Microsoft Zoom, 1:30~2:30 18-643 guest lecture
12/7 M Comparing the Real Performance of FPGAs and GPUs on Deep Learning Workloads Eriko Nurvitadhi, Intel Zoom, 1:30~2:30 18-643 guest lecture


Past CALCM Seminars

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