Module for the NS network simulator incorporating recent CMU measurements of the V2V Channel

Recent measurements of the V2V channel made at CMU have been incorporated into a module for the ns network simulator and described in, Gerges Dib, Vehicle-to-Vehicle Channel Simulation in a Network Simulator, Thesis for M.S. in Information Networking, CMU, April, 2009. Download the model here (ns2_v2v_prop.tar.gz), and a manuscript documenting the model here

Additions to the NS network simulator to handle Ricean and Rayleigh fading.
The implementation of Ricean Fading described in Ratish J. Punnoose, Pavel V. Nikitin, and Daniel D. Stancil, Efficient Simulation of Ricean Fading within a Packet Simulator, Vehicular Technology Conference, Sept 2000, is provided for download here as additions to the NS network simulator. It has been tested with versions 2.28 and 2.30. The version available here is improved over that described in the paper in that it uses unique table offsets for pairs of nodes. (Link to the NS web page )

Additions to the OPNET network simulator to handle Ricean and Rayleigh fading.
This is an implementation of the same ideas in OPNET. The module and documentation are available as a tarred gzip'ed file (riceanopnetmodule.tgz) or as a zip file ( (Bug fix and update on Sep 3, 2003).
(Link to local OPNET research page)

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