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Electronic textiles or e-textiles are a newly emerging interdisciplinary field of research which brings together specialists in information technology, microsystems, materials, and textiles. The focus of this new area is on developing the enabling technologies and fabrication techniques for the economical manufacture of large-area, flexible, conformable information systems which are expected to have unique applications for both consumer electronics and military industry. E-textiles offer new challenges for hardware and software system developers alike due to their unique requirements, cutting across from the system to the device and technology. Very likely, e-textiles will generate a significant body of research with deep implications in everyday's life, consumer market and applications requiring remote sensing, processing and actuation (e.g. medical, space and military).

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Third Prize in the CIT Undergraduate research competition, May 2005
Deployment of Low Power Modes For E-Textile Applications
Undergraduate researcher Stanley Sun has won the third prize in the CIT undergraduate research competition part of CMU's Meeting of the Minds.

IEEE Spectrum, October 2003
Ready To Ware: Electronics and fabrics woven together will make smart dressers of firefighters,
football players, and fashionistas alike.

Newsweek International, July 2003
Wearing Wires: A New Fabric May Make Clothing Both High Tech and Fashionable

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